steel strapping tools kit

Steel Strapping Kit

Steel strapping kit’s are the most convenient solution for first time strapping requirements with all you need in one kit.

Steel Strapping Kit – Features/Benefits:
• Cost effective and convenient strapping solution
• Also available in poly strapping Kit
• Tensile Strength = 850kg

Contained within Steel Strapping Kit:
• 1 x Steel Strapping Dispenser Ribbon Omni 12mm – 19mm (Code 54.145)
• 15 x Steel Strapping Omni – Ribbon 19.0mm x 0.56mm Black (Code 51.015)
• 1 x Steel Strapping Metal Seals (Snap-on Type) 19mm 1000/ctn (Code 53.070)
• 1 x Steel Strapping Sealer Standard Omni 19m (Code 54.105)
• 1 x Steel Strapping Tensioner Omni Standard 12mm-19mm(Code 54.070)
• 1 x Steel Strapping Cutter Standard Omni 12mm – 32mm (Code 54.135)

Steel Strapping Kit

Code Type Qty Unit Price(Per Kg) Order Qty(Per Kg)
KIT.5101 Steel Strapping Kit
1 Kit

Do you want ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’?

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