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Storage Crates – Black


Omni Storage crates have become warehouse essentials, especially when it comes to keeping perishables fresh. These storage crates come in a variety of colours, which makes them great for colour-coded organization. Explore the storage crate’s full range of features below!

Storage Crates – Applications and Uses:
• Warehouse organization
• Storage of perishable goods
• Storage of tools, safety gear, etc.

Storage Crates – Features and Benefits:
• Straightforward Design – optimized for organizing and storage in a variety of spaces
• Lid – protects products from external elements, keeping goods safe and undamaged
• Food Grade – keeps perishables fresh and safe from external ripening gases
• Stackable – the crates stack inside each other to save space when unused
• Colour-coded – Available in blue, red, clear, grey, green and yellow




No. 10, No. 15, No. 7


32 Litres, 52 Litres, 68 Litres


645mm x 413mm x 210mm, 645mm x 413mm x 276mm, 645mm x 413mm x 397mm