TempGuard Cardboard Cartons

Omni TempGuard Cardboard Cartons are made from recyclable material, fulfilling packaging needs while also minimizing non-recyclable waste. The TempGuard Cardboard Cartons can protect a variety of goods from external force, preventing product damage. When paired with the TempGuard Thermal Insulation Liners, it can help keep your perishables fresh on delivery.

TempGuard is the perfect alternative to polystyrene boxes. Polystyrene boxes are non-recyclable and very difficult to dispose of whereas TempGuard is 100% recyclable material.

TempGuard Cardboard Cartons – Applications and Uses:
• Is mostly utilised for general packaging
• Can keep food fresh with TempGuard Thermal Insulation Liners

TempGuard Cardboard Cartons – Features and Benefits:
Green – the cartons are made from recyclable materials, minimizing environmental impact
Specialized Engineering – Works best with TempGuard Thermal Insulation Liners
Security – High-quality manufacturing provides exceptional protection

Discover more about TempGuard! Click here to download the brochure.

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TempGuard Cardboard Cartons

Code Size Dimension Qty(Unit) Unit Price(Unit) Order Qty(Unit)
07.012 Small 380mmL x 240mmW x 240mmH
50 units
100 units
200 units
07.013 Medium 480mmL x 280mmW x 240mmH
50 units
100 units
200 units
07.014 Large 550mmL x 360mmW x 246mmH
50 Units
100 Units
200 Units

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