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TempGuard Thermal Insulation Liners


Keeping your perishables fresh on delivery may pose a few challenges. One such challenge is being reliant on non-recyclable packaging. Another challenge is experiencing product damage and loss due to non-efficient cushioning. The TempGuard Thermal Insulation Liners helps business owners overcome those two challenges with minimal hassle.

TempGuard is the perfect alternative to polystyrene boxes. Polystyrene boxes are non-recyclable and very difficult to dispose of whereas TempGuard is 100% recyclable material.

TempGuard Thermal Insulation Liners – Applications:/Uses
• Transporting perishable goods like meat, dairy, vegetables, etc
• Shipping temperature-sensitive products that need insulation
• Cushioning easily-bruisable produce, preventing damage
• Works best with the complete TempGuard kit

TempGuard Thermal Insulation Liners – Feature and Benefits:
• Cushion – cushions delicate products, minimizing product damage
• Absorbs condensation – rids the package of moisture, keeping perishables fresh on delivery
•Made from recycled materials – the liner is filled with recycled, shredded newspapers for multiple uses
• Kerbside recyclable 100% – is left with near-zero post-consumer waste, as materials can be recycled and repurposed

Need a sustainable, effective and cost-reducing solution to shipping perishables? Get TempGuard Thermal Insulation Liners here at Omni!



Large, Medium, Small, X Large


260mm x 1320mm, 265mm x 1080mm, 535mm x 900mm, 570mm x 1025mm