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VentX – Omni Machine Ventilated Pallet Wrap

The Omni VentX is the perfect solution for wrapping products likely to get damaged by ripening gases, humidity, rust, mould or condensation, as well as products that need to chill or to freeze quickly. VentX machine stretch wrap is a reinforced ventilated film. This means it has vent holes to allow air to circulate while the reinforcements in the film eliminates breakages and improves load containment.

This machine stretch wrap is available in 2 types;
– 56.096 machine wrap is a 1250m roll with the ability to stretch yield of 300%.
– 56.095 machine wrap is a pre-stretch film which has 2000m per roll. This type of Ventilated Stretch Wrap is ideal for machine without a power pre-stretch feature. Although this film it has already been stretched, it has the ability to stretch another 150%.

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Avoid fresh produce damage


fresh produce damage

Ventilated stretch wrap is perfect for wrapping loads of fresh produce that are likely to get damaged by ripening gases, humidity and mould. VentX is used to prolong the shelf life of fresh produce by allowing it to breathe while in storage and transit.

Reduce freezing time with load ventilation


freezing time

Ventilated film is also ideal wrapping loads that require fast cooling as convention stretch wrap acts as an insulation for the load, therefore increasing cooling time. Wrapping pallets with ventilated film that isn’t isolative means that the freezer temperature isn’t required to be as low, therefore reducing electricity costs.

Avoid damaged hot loads with load ventilation


damaged hot loads

Wrapping pallets of hot fill products with ventilated film allows the load to breath, preventing rust and condensation. VentX film will also reduce cooling time of hot products as convention stretch wrap acts as an insulation for the load.

ELIMINATE Stretch Film Breakages


film breakages

The reinforcement strips through the film make the VentX tear resistant, eliminating all breakages. Reduce your pallet wrapping downtime and increase your warehouse efficiency.

VentX – Omni Machine Ventilated Pallet Wrap

Code Colour Dimension Qty/ctn Code Type Qty Unit Price (Per Roll) Order Qty (Per Roll)
Best Seller
Natural 400mm x 1450m 1 ventx Standard
1 Roll
10 Rolls
25 Rolls
50 Rolls
56.096 Natural 400mm x 1260m 1 ventx For Power Prestretch
1 Roll
10 Rolls
25 Rolls
50 Rolls

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