VentX Stretch Film Slitter

Convert regular stretch film into ventilated stretch wrap with VentX Film Slitter! 

Do you want to reduce ventilated pallet wrapping costs and halve plastic usage? Not a Problem!

This method of producing ventilated stretch film is a fraction of the cost of conventional ventilated stretch wrap. Omni VentX film slitter significantly reduces plastic usage and pallet wrapping cost. With a worldwide patented design, this mechanism has blades cutting the stretch wrap into four separate bands of film allowing the pallet load to breathe.

The VentX stretch film slitter is a popular alternative to the conventional 30um ventilated stretch wrap. In comparison, a 12um film can be dispensed with a VentX film slitter, reducing stretch wrap usage by over 50%. The bands of film around the pallet provide much greater ventilation compared to conventional ventilated stretch wrap which have small holes that are more restrictive to air flow.

With a VentX Stretch Film Slitter you will:
• Improve pallet load ventilation
• Significantly reduce pallet wrapping costs
• Reduce stretch film usage by 50%
• Reduce environmental impact by halving plastic usage

Please download the brochure to know more details.

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