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VentX Unico – Machine Stretch Film

The Perfect Load Ventilation & Containment, Synchronised not Compromised

World Patent Design (pending) | Finalist PIDA Awards 2021 – Sustainable Packaging

End of line packaging plays a vital role in protecting & prolonging our farmer’s and supermarket’s perishable foods. To keep produce fresh, meats, dairy and hot fill products from damage during transit & storage, they need to be ventilated quickly & adequately to avoid ripening gases, moisture build up and rust from occurring.

To assist with the cooling process, ventilated stretch wrap is used to prolong the shelf life by allowing loads to breathe and/ or temperature control in chill rooms.

The current method of wrapping pallets with regular ventilated film encounters 3 main challenges in the industry – adequate ventilation, optimal load containment & high costs.

Never before has there been a more economical and sustainable solution to provide maximum performance in all three areas, until now. Introducing Omni’s VentX Unico – revolutionising the way our industry applies pallet load ventilation without compromising load containment.

VentX Unico can also be provided with FREE Stretch Wrapping Machinery on Loan*. T&C’s apply.


All pricing is submitted as a Proposal (complete package for ultimate savings & performance)

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  • VentX Unico film – A high-performance stretch film, separated into 3 mini rolls on the one continuous core. Engineered to be thinner, longer & stronger, wrapping more pallets with less film; reducing cost-per-load.
  • Unique roping mechanism – The film is dispensed via 6 roping fingers and Omni’s power pre-stretch carriage, allowing you to adjust the width of the film bands & tension for different loads.
  • Ventilation – The spacing in between the 3 separate bands of film allow the load to breathe freely as oppose to regular stretch wrap, insulating for the load.
  • Reduce energy consumption & electricity cost – Freezer temperature (-20°C) isn’t required to be as low in chill rooms due to the sufficient air flow.
  • Optimised load containment – The VentX Unico film is pre-stretched up to 240% and reinforced with ropers that act like cable stretch film bands, securing load & load-to pallet bond. Without proper load containment, you risk the load sliding off its pallet during transportation, product damage, accidents and costs.
  • No loose tails – Film ends are welded & tucked away at the end of the wrapping cycle, meeting strict supermarket requirements for palletised loads.
  • Customisation – Operators can now control the amount of ventilation & load force required for different weights & pallet load types.
  • Versatile – The VentX Unico System can be easily fitted on Pallet Wrappers, providing a sound solution to pallet load ventilation without compromising load containment.
  • Reduce plastic usage, cost, time & environmental impact – Savings can be found in film usage, overall costs & productivity whilst lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Agriculture
  • Food Distribution Centres
  • Supermarkets

VentX Unico – Machine Stretch Film

Code Description Dimension Qty (Per Roll) Unit Price (Per Roll) Order Qty (Per Roll)
56.030VX VentX Unico VentX Unico Film (3 x 150mm x 1600m)
10 Rolls (min. order qty)
25 Rolls
1 Pallet (50 Rolls)

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