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Bubble Wrap – 30mm Void Fill Sheets

This bubble wrap has large 30mm bubbles which makes it an ideal product for void fill requirements and to protect your products from movement and damage during transport. With perforations on the roll, it is easy and efficient to use.

Bubble Void Fill – Dimensions:
Length = 75m
Height = 1.5m
Roll slit into 5 x 300m sections
Perforated every 300mm
Bubble size = 30mm diameter


  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications
  • Bubble wrap with perforations to make it easy and efficient to use.
  • Withstands pressure and cushions against shock and impact.
  • Flexible material to allow for smaller voids to be filled.
  • Extra-large bubbles in the film for effective cushioning.


  • The perfect solution to protecting fragile products from damage during transportation or storing.
  • Used by most warehouses and manufacturing plants.


Bubble Wrap – 30mm Void Fill Sheets

Code Length Width Slit Perforated Grade Qty(Roll) Unit Price(Roll) Order Qty(Roll)
03.300 1.5m 75m 300mm x 5 300mm Void Fill Bubble 302l
1 Roll
5 Rolls
10 Rolls

Bubble Wrap

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