Wire Strapping Buckles

Wire Strapping Buckles – Features/Benefits:
• Sizing to suit 12, 15 and 19mm strapping
• Suitable to tighten by hand but can use tensioner if required
• Easy to thread
• Extra strong strapping bond

Wire Strapping Buckles – Applications:
• Suitable for poly and woven strapping types

Poly woven Strapping
Composite Strapping
Composite Strapping Kit

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Wire Strapping Buckles

Code Qty/ctn Type Width Qty(Ctn) Unit Price(Ctn) Order Qty(Ctn)
Best Seller
1000/ctn Standard 12-15mm
1 Ctn
5 Ctns
10 Ctns
53.030 1000/ctn Standard 19mm
1 Ctn
5 Ctns
10 Ctns
53.145 1000/ctn Heavy Duty 16-19mm
1 Ctn
5 Ctns
10 Ctns

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