Dunnage Bags – Inflator Tool

Dunnage Bag Air Inflator Gun has an air-release valve that guarantees the fastest inflation time. The air release valve will allow you to adjust the air pressure within the bag and deflate used bags. Very easy to use, simply connect the inflator to your air compressor, position the nozzle into the dunnage Bag valve and press the trigger. See full step by step guide here.

Why use Dunnage Bags?

Dunnage bags are more economical and efficient way of bracing and blocking cargo as compared to other, costlier methods such as lumber planks and strap-downs.

This allows more efficient utilisation of container space. This is possible because dunnage bags allow double and triple-decking of skids for achieving maximum cube utilisation. That helps improve the load factor and lowers the cost of transportation.

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