Bubble Wrap Rolls

Bubble Wrap – Regular & Heavy Duty Grades, 10 & 20mm Bubbles

We offer a large range of Bubble Wrap to suit every requirement. Our Bubble Wrap is available in different grades, bubble sizes, thicknesses, widths, lengths as well as custom colours and printing. These are flexible sheet of plastics that has air-filled bubbles on its surface. This kind of wrap is used for packaging of fragile items that has chances of breaking during shipping. The air bubbles works as a cushion, offers shock isolation and protects the product inside from damage. Based upon various requirements and nature of the product, Omni offers a wide range of Bubble wrap rolls. Check out our stock here:

Bubble Wrap Grades: 

● 1 layer (Regular Grade)
● 2 layers (Double Layer – Heavy Duty Grade)

10mm-Bubble-Single-Layer-v.3 10mm-Bubble-Double-Layer-v.3


Bubble Wrap – Bubble Sizes:

● 10mm, 20mm, 30mm bubble diameter 

10mm-Bubble-Single-Layer-v.3 20mm-Bubble-Single-Layer-v.3

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Bubble Wrap-10mm Bubble, Regular Grade

Bubble Wrap – 20mm Bubble, Regular Grade

Bubble Wrap -10mm Bubble, Heavy Duty

Bubble Wrap -20mm Bubble, Heavy Duty

Handywrap Bubble Wrap Boxes

Omni Bubble Wrap – Engineered to Perfection

Bubble Wrap – Features/Benefits:
• 10mm bubble size
• Custom slit and perforations
• Small rolls in dispenser box available

• Tear & Puncture Resistant
• Protects goods from external damage
• Prevents goods from moving in transit

Black Bubble Wrap

The Omni Black Bubble Wrap is excellent for presentation, colour identification and protection of fragile items.

Black Bubble Wrap Advantages/Benefits:
• Used for Presentation
• Security & Privacy – product cant be seen through the bubble wrap
• Product Identification – make your product stand out from the rest

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