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How to Reduce Load Damage with Edge Protectors

When moving loads from location to location there is always risk of damage. Product damages cost business millions of dollars every year. Because of this, an extensive range of protective packaging products have been developed to suit every load and application.

The edges of loads are always more vulnerable to damage if a product is dropped or knocked. Edge protectors are an economical and effective solution to prevent product damage.

Edge Protectors

Types of Edge Protectors & Strapping Guards: 

Omni offers a range of strapping corner protectors in various sizes and materials to suit every requirement. Corner guards can also be custom made to size if the standards sizes don’t suit your application. Omni also offer custom printed edge protectors which can display your company branding or handling requirements.

Cardboard Pallet Edge Protectors:

These cardboard edge protectors are used on the corners of pallets to protect the load from damage.  These are 1170mm long to suit a regular pallet loads width and height. Pallet corner guards are made of rigid 3.5mm fiberboard making them extremely durable so they can be reused. These units are produced at a 90 degree angle to fit perfectly around the corners of the pallet before wrapping or strapping the load.

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edge protectors

Cardboard Strapping Edge Protectors:

These strapping guards made of a cardboard material are a cheaper alternative to metal and plastic corner guards. Although cardboard edge protectors don’t have the same durability and aren’t as waterproof, these corner protectors are the most popular out of our range.

The cardboard is 4mm thick and is a tough compressed fiberboard. These units are produced at a 90 degree angle to fit perfectly around the corners of boxes. We offer these edge protectors in two sizes;

Cardboard Strapping Corner Guards 60mm x 60mm x 75mm 

Cardboard Strapping Corner Guards 50mm x 50mm x 50mm

Edge Protectors

edge protectors

Metal Strapping Edge Protectors:

These are rigid and highly durable metal strapping guards that are used to protect the corners of your loads. These metal corner guards have been galvanised for extended life and are fit for use in outdoor applications. These 4mm guards can be used for strapping heavy duty goods with their ridges able to grip layers that are up to 19mm thick.

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edge protectors

Plastic Strapping Edge Protectors:

Our plastic strapping guards are light in weight but highly durable when it comes to protecting loads from possible damage. The guards are tightly strapped to the edge of the boxes allowing for greater strap tension when loaded. These plastic edge guards are designed for outdoor application and are capable of doing their job in extreme conditions.

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edge protectorsedge protectors

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