What Yield Are You Getting Out of a Roll of Stretch Film?

Reduce Stretch Film Usage – Its our Guarantee.
When purchasing stretch wrap, many are focused on the cost per roll rather than the length and yield of a roll or the overall the cost of wrapping a pallet.In contrast to this we have been focusing on developing stretch films of lower micron yet higher strength and performance with stretch yields to over 400%. It’s this innovative resin developments that given us the ability to guarantee that our Omni Stretch films will reduce plastic usage per pallet over 50%.

How is Resin Technology Influencing Trends of Stretch Film Used?

As a result of innovative film developments in recent years, there has been a worldwide trend to down gauge films without compromising the load containment. The significant environmental benefit of using a high performance stretch film has been a strong influence in the trend towards down gauging, reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing and disposal by up to 70%. This trend towards thinner films are illustrated on the charts alongside: