How is it possible to Save Over 20% on Wrapping Costs?

Reduce Wrapping Costs – Its our Guarantee. Through cutting edge resin technology we have developed Omni Stretch Films Thinner, Longer and Stronger than the world has ever seen. These high performance films that are less than half the micron with superior puncture resistance and stretch ability to over 400%. This innovation enables you to wrap more pallets with significantly less film reducing film expenditure and environmental impact.

What Does it Actually Cost You to Wrap a Pallet?

Although a per roll price may seem competitive there are many other factors that determine the real cost to wrap a pallet. Many focused on the cost per roll rather than the length and yield of a roll or the overall the cost of wrapping a pallet. Manufacturers accommodated to this by producing film at low roll price but also with a very low meterage and performance.