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Omni develops residue-free Printed Protection Tape

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Printed protection tape is a cost-effective way of getting your message across while protecting your goods. In keeping with its philosophy of continuous innovation, Omni is the first manufacturer in Australia to be able to custom print residue free protection tape.

Protection tape is a great product for protecting the surfaces like glass and aluminium from damage. Being a residue-free adhesive, when the tape is removed the surface isn’t left sticky.

Printed Protection Tape is ideal for removalists, construction and glass companies. It can work as a great advertising tool as well as function as a label to communicate cautionary messages and handling advice to transporters.

Printed Protection Tape – what is Printed Tape?

Protection tape, also known as ‘surface protection film’, is specifically designed to protect the surface of items from dust, dirt or scratches. The tape is mostly used during shipping and manufacturing, where the risk of the surface of goods getting chipped or scraped is greater. The adhesive on protection tape makes it easy to use and remove without leaving behind any residue.

Residue Free Protection Tape

Printed Protection Tape – what is the Custom Printed Tape?

Custom printed packaging tape is commonly used for carton sealing applications. This is a great tool for branding your products with your logo and marketing message. It’s also great for adding handling and storage advice to your boxes and for contents identification.

The only disadvantage of printed packaging tape is it leaves a residue. This means if you stick it so windows, glass or furniture when the tape is removed, adhesion will be left behind. Therefore, this type of printed tape can’t be used for these applications.

For this reason, Omni has developed the dual-use residue printed protection tape. This means you can use the one tape to protect your products while including cautionary messages and branding.

Custom printed packaging tape

Advantages of using Custom Printed Protection Tape

Custom printed protection tape is an ideal tool to ensure the protection of your goods while allowing you to communicate handling advice and cautionary messages.

These are some of the major advantages of using printed protection tape during packing and transit:

  • It serves as a cost-effective advertising and branding tool for your company while simultaneously offering protection.
  • It can be used for conveying different messages to handlers and transporters (e.g. ‘handle with care’, ‘fragile items’, ‘this side up’) That way you not only save on labels but allow movers to easily distinguish between the different items. Easy to remove, the tape is waterproof and ages excellently. You can peel it off in one go without having to worry about sticky residue.
  • Omni’s printed protection tape is excellent for protecting glass surfaces, aluminium doors etc. while simultaneously communicating a message on the package for its handler.

What does residue-free Protection Tape mean?

Most adhesive tapes leave a sticky residue on the surface of the items on which they have been used. This can damage the item as the residue eventually collects dust and other particles and leaves the surface messy. But residue free protection tape eliminates this problem, thus proving to be an ideal surface protection solution to your goods.

Custom Printed Protection Tape Options:
The Omni Printed Protection Tape is available in custom widths of 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 72mm, 96mm and 144mm. You can also choose three different colours of print on our range of white protection tape. You can easily print the name of your company, logo, or any design or message without much trouble.

Residue Free Protection Tape 2

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