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Save Over 20% on Pallet Wrapping Costs

Save Over 20% on Pallet Wrapping Costs

How is it possible to Save Over 20% on Pallet Wrapping Costs?

Reduce Pallet Wrapping Costs – It’s our Guarantee. Through cutting edge resin technology we have developed Omni Stretch Wrap Films Thinner, Longer and Stronger than the world has ever seen. These are Award-winning high-performance stretch films that are less than half a micron with superior puncture resistance and stretchability to over 400%. This innovation enables you to wrap more pallets with significantly less film reducing stretch wrap expenditure and environmental impact.

superplus roll

What Does it Actually Cost You to Stretch Wrap a Pallet?

Although a price per roll of stretch wrap may seem competitive there are many other factors that determine the real cost to stretch wrap a pallet. Many focused on the cost per roll rather than the length and yield of a roll or the overall the cost of stretch wrapping a pallet. Manufacturers accommodated to this by producing the stretch wrap at low roll price but also with a very low meterage and performance.

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