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Steel Strapping Tools – Steel Strapping Tensioner, Steel Strapping Sealer, Steel Strapping Cutter & More!

Our Premium Steel Strapping Tools suit variety of widths and strengths of Strapping. These strapping tools, available in heavy duty and regular grades, are all designed to make it easier to apply the strapping to the load while maximising load containment.

Our Steel Strapping Tools include dispensers, tensioners, sealers/crimpers and are also available as a whole kit.


used to tighten the Steel Strapping when you are applying the strapping on the product

Steel Strapping Seals:

metal clip that is placed over the steel strapping to hold the two ends together. This is then crimped with a sealer.


Used to crimp the steel strapping to hold it in place.

Strap Cutter:

used to cut off the excess strapping
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