How do I know what type of Pallet Wrapper to purchase?

This is a difficult decision to make when there are a range of models, brands and features to choose from. It’s the ‘Perfect Pallet Wrapping’ Experts you need to talk to. The below questions will help determine what pallet wrapper would suit your requirements

The below questions will help determine what pallet wrapping machine would suit your requirements:
1. What products are you wrapping?
2. What is your current wrapping method?
3. How many pallets would you be wrapping each hour or total in a day?
4. Are you experiencing shipping damage? If you are, what is the damage caused by?
5. What pallet size do you use?
6. How tall do you stack your product?
7. What is the weight of your pallet loads?
8. Do you have a requirement to weigh your loads?
9. Do you load the pallet onto the turntable with a pallet truck or forklift?
10. Does the product overhang the sides of the pallet? If so, by how much?
11. How many shift are you operating per day?
12. Will the pallet load rotate and stay intact?

Buying a pallet wrapper can be likened to buying a car. We are faced with many similar options:

• What is the fuel economy? What is the film efficiency?
• How many km’s do I get out of 100L tank? How many pallets can be wrapped with one roll of stretch film?
• What is the environmental impact? What is the gas emissions? What is the plastic usage?
• Hybrid or petrol? Power pre-stretch or standard?
• Semi-automatic or automatic, inline wrapper?
• Italian made or Chinese made?
• Warranty and servicing?
• New or second hand?
• What is the resale value?