Omni Stretch Wrap:
As a result of cutting edge innovation and product development, Omni Products has developed a comprehensive range of Stretch Wrap types to suit every application therefore providing the Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution for every clients requirement.

Typically, all stretch wrap is used to contain and protect products on a pallet during transit and storage. Even though there is the one common purpose, there are multiple strengths, colours and lengths to suit different applications.

Stretch Wrap Terminology:
High Elasticity – enables higher stretch yield and increased containment force
Film Elongation – Stretching the film to it maximum yield
Puncture Resistance – Eliminate the tearing of film on sharp irregular products and pallet corners
Gauge – One gauge is equal to .254 microns. Microns are another common form of film measurement
Cling – Allows the film the stick to itself when applying
Film Memory -The ability of a stretch film to recover to its original shape after being stretched. Increases load containment enabling the film to maintain a tight load during transportation

What is the Difference between Blown and Cast Film?

Stretch Wrap is manufactured in two different methods which gives the film different properties, they are commonly referred to as cast and blown. Within these two film categories, there are several types of stretch wrap with different resin technology and performance levels.

What is Blown Film?
Our blown films are created by forcing molten resin through a circular die, creating a bubble tube which is blown over 30 feet high. The bubble is then flattened and produced into rolls of film. The molecule structure of blown film is crisscrossed which means when tensioned, it locks in very hard so therefore has a lower stretch yield compared to cast films. Blown film is known to be tough, slightly tacky and have a hazy surface. The double sided tack gives off noise whilst being applied to product.

Types of Omni Blown Stretch Film:
· Viper Wrap – Hand &Machine rolls available in Black and Clear
· Conventional Blown Wrap – Hand & Machine rolls available in Clear
· Coloured Blown Wrap – Hand & Machine rolls available in Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green

  What is Cast Film?
Our cast films are created by molten resin operated through a large extruder which forces a thin layers of film to be then cooled and laminated into layers. This multi layered film is then rolled onto cores. The molecule structure of cast film run parallel down the film which means when tensioned that direction, it has a very high stretch yield of up to 400%. Cast film has high clarity and quiet application due to it lower on single sided tack.

Types of Omni Cast Stretch Film:
· Euro Wrap – Machine rolls available in Clear
· Elite Wrap – Hand & Machine rolls available in Clear
· Masterwrap – Hand & Machine rolls available in Clear
· Conventional Cast Wrap – Hand & Machine rolls available in Clear
· Dynamic Pre-stretch Wrap – Hand & Machine rolls available in Clear
· Coloured Cast Wrap – Hand & Machine rolls available in Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green