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Temperature Control Packaging Boxes

The leading team at Omni Group have developed an innovative range of necessities that can be used to protect temperature-sensitive items during transport and storage. Including a large range of isolative and chill pack products that can effectively maintain the right conditions prevent products damage, Omni Group’s solutions have been engineered to perfection.

Temperature-Sensitive Packaging for All Needs

Do your goods and cargo need special handling and transportation requirements to make it from point A to B? Omni Group climate-controlled products can help ensure the integrity and viability of your assets with the following, leading solutions:

  • Foil Bubble Wrap – also referred to as metal bubble wrap, these laminated foil liners are the ideal inner-carton solution for shipping climate-sensitive goods. With thermal insulation abilities to safely transport perishables during storage and transportation, our foil wrap also cushions products to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Insulation Boxes – a green and effective solution to shipping your perishables items, our temperature-controlled packaging boxes were designed with both a carton and separate liner to protect your product from outside damage and insulate the lined goods inside. With the insulation liner manufactured from recycled paper and the whole kit 100% recyclable, lower your environmental impact with this durable and safe shipping solution today.
  • Chill Ice Packs – our gel dry ice packs offer a non-toxic, water-based cooling option to chill and maintain the integrity of your products. A safe alternative to ice for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products, our chill ice packs are available in a bubble padded and non-padded range with long-lasting thermal protection and no water leakage.

Need a better solution to transport your perishable goods? Contact our leading Australian team today to see how the Omni Group range can lower your product waste and provide an effective means to keep your items safe. Backed by innovative technology to ensure the quality and durability of each design, we stand by our products and hope you will too.

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