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TempGuard Thermal Insulation Boxes

TempGuard Thermal Insulation Boxes are a green and more effective solution to shipping your perishables. It’s comprised of two parts: the carton and the liner. The carton’s purpose is to shield your product from outside force, minimizing bruises on produce and preventing loss. The liner is utilized to not only insulate but to also cushion and brace the goods from the inside. The liner is manufactured from recycled paper and the whole kit is 100% kerbside recyclable.

TempGuard is the perfect alternative to polystyrene boxes. Polystyrene boxes are non-recyclable and very difficult to dispose of whereas TempGuard is 100% recyclable material.

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to ship your perishable goods, Thermal Insulation Boxes are what you’re looking for! It is excellent at keeping your products safe while in transit. It is also great at keeping the food, and other perishables temperate, making sure it arrives fresh when it reaches its destination.

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