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Industrial Packaging Tools & Machinery

From sealers to carton tape sealing machines, our 25 years in the industry has allowed the Omni Group team to develop innovative and whole-system solutions for our clients’ packaging, storage, and transportation needs. Need to streamline your packing solution? Look no further-below we highlight some of our best automated and manual tool options to keep your projects on the go.

Industrial Tools and Machinery for Australia

Interested in reviewing your packing process to look for a cost-saving solution, increased efficiency, and reduce the risk of product waste? Check out just some of our leading industrial tools and machinery product lines that can streamline your system.

  • Sealers – available for benchtop and foot-operated applications, the Omni Group sealing options have a heated top and bottom element to seal plastic bags or tubing for a precise and secure close. With a unique cutting feature on the sealing unit, each sealer is a complete packaging solution.
  • Carton Tape Sealing Machine – the most commonly used equipment for carton sealing, these solutions are versatile, reliable, and economical for a variety of packing needs.
  • Heat Shrink Tools – from handheld guns to shrink wrap dispensers and sealing tools, our team offers a full solution to heat shrink packaging systems to maintain the safety and security of your cargo during storage and transportation.
  • Hooded Heat Shrink Machine – perfect for a quick, effective, and professional solution, the Omni Group hooded shrink machine automates and streamlines your packing system to lower product waste and increase efficiency.

Varied in their size, packing option, automation, and cost, our range of industrial tools and machinery can be catered to suit every budget and packaging need.

Interested in finding a local solution for your needs? Touch base with our leading team today—as an industry provider for over 25 years, our team understands the Australian market and our shipping and packing needs. Lower the risk of shipping delays or importing challenges—our expert team can talk to you live and customise your perfect packing solution today.

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