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Discover the Types & Terminology of Double Sided Tape

Omni Products has developed an extensive range of specialty Double Sided Tape that is suitable for every requirement. This premium Omni Product range has been engineered to perfection. These double sided adhesive tapes are guaranteed to perform for every type of application.

Packaging Tapes

ATG Transfer Double Sided Tape

The ATG transfer tape is a premium double sided tape that is reverse wound on small cores to suit an ATG dispenser for fast and efficient application. The tape has a solvent-based acrylic adhesive that gives it extra strong adhesion and holds. It is especially suitable for industrial, handicraft, stationery and DIY applications. The tape offers excellent performance on many different materials including wood, laminates, metals, plastics and leather.

ATG Tranfer Double Sided Tape – Features:

  • Premium high-bond modified acrylic adhesive
  • High-tack permanent adhesive with paper liner
  • Clear high performance ATG transfer tape
  • Dispensers available for easy application of the tape

ATG Tranfer Double Sided Tape Applications:

  • For general-purpose bonding, splicing and mounting applications
  • Assembly aid to manufacturing, picture framing and point-of-sale displays

Double-Sided ATG Transfer Tape

Tissue Tape – Double Sided Tape

This double sided tape has an aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive, recommended for lamination of several materials, metals and difficult surfaces.

Tissue Tape – Double Sided Tape – Features:

  • Aggressive acrylic adhesive for HSE and LSE substrates
  • Thicker coating of adhesive for efficient bonding on rough surfaces
  • Non-woven carrier material conforms easily to most surfaces and is hand-tearable
  • Custom slit sizing available for specific requirements

Tissue Tape – Double Sided Tape – Applications:

  • Mounting nameplates, signs, decals and general assembly
  • General exhibition and display applications

Double-Sided Tissue Tape


Exhibition Tape –Double Sided Tape

This double sided tape adheres extremely well to rough, porous and fibrous surfaces such as fabrics, leather, wood, plasterboard, concrete and rubber. It can also be removed easily without leaving behind any residue.

Exhibition Double Sided Tape – Features:

  • Clean removal of adhesive without any residue
  • Hand-tearable for ease of use
  • Custom widths available for specific requirements

Exhibition Double Sided Tape – Applications:

  • Ideal for trade shows and exhibitions
  • Good for temporary bonding and fixation applications

Double-Sided Exhibition Tape

Polyester Double Sided Tape

This double sided polyester tape has a high-performance PET carrier with excellent adhesion and holding power, which assures permanent bonding. It secures reliable bonding to smooth, rough or low-energy substrates.

Polyester Double Sided  Tape – Features:

  • Modified acrylic adhesive for adhering to difficult surfaces
  • Polyester MOPP liner provides one piece removability
  • PET carrier is transparent and ideal for back-lit signage
  • Custom slit sizing available

Polyester Double Sided  Tape – Applications:

  • Textured surfaces, rough surfaces, glass and LSE substrates
  • Display and graphics attachment where a transparent permanent adhesive is required



Mounting Double Sided Tape

This double sided tape is a high-performance PE foam tape, designed for fixing decoration profiles and plates. It is commonly used in the automobile repair industry, where a permanent and long-lasting bond is required. This double sided tape has an aggressive solvent-based acrylic adhesive suitable for such functions.

Mounting Double Sided Tape – Features:

  • Foam thickness of 0.95 mm
  • Suitable for mounting badges and trim as well as for general auto repair
  • Available in custom widths
  • High shear strength for creating permanent bonds
  • Highly conformable to body contours
  • Ideal for exterior bonding applications

Mounting Double Sided Tape – Applications:

  • Automotive repair industry to securely mount emblem, badge, trims etc.

Double-Sided Body Mounting Tape


HPT Acrylic Foam Bonding Double Sided Tape

This high-strength bonding tape is a proven alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners. It permanently adheres one substrate to another, while spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint. When two surfaces are joined with Omni Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape, a virtually indestructible “weld” is created between them.

5310: High Performance Transparent Acrylic Tape 1.0mm Thick
5341: High Performance Grey Acrylic Foam Tape 1.1mm Thick
5391: High Performance Grey Acrylic Foam Tape 2.3mm Thick
5350: High Performance White Acrylic Foam Tape 1.1mm Thick

HPT Acrylic Foam Double Sided Tape – Features:

  • Acrylic foam has properties that absorb shock and impact
  • It does not require any drying time at all and bonds immediately on contact
  • The continuous bond distributes stress over the entire length of the pasted surfaces
  • Tape is flexible to accommodate expansion and contraction in the surface caused by temperature fluctuations
  • Helps eliminate drilling, grinding, refinishing, screwing, welding and clean-up
  • A variety of widths are available to suit buyer specifications

HPT Acrylic Foam Double Sided TapeApplications:

  • This double sided tape is used widely in the automotive industry to securely mount emblems, badges, trims etc.



Finger-Lift Double Sided Tape

This double sided tape comes with a liner wider than the adhesive width, to enable easy removal after applying. This double-sided tissue tape is widely used for bag-sealing applications and flap closure of courier satchels.

Finger Lift Double Sided Tape – Features:

  • Finger-lift edge liner for easy removal of tape after applying
  • Range of widths and lengths to suit machine laminating processes

Finger Lift Double Sided Tape – Applications:

  • Courier envelopes and satchels
  • Bag sealing
  • Print finishing and point-of-sale applications

Double-Sided Finger-Lift Tape

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