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Unique Features of Omni Pallet Wrapping MachinesInline Pallet Wrapping System 1

Omni Pallet Wrapping Machines offer industry-leading standards of film performance, with their unique ability to reduce film usage by 50%. These machines have received multiple international awards for outstanding innovation and cutting-edge technology. These are some of their unique features:

Custom-Built European Machines

The Omni machines can be built to your own specific requirements. The machines come with a host of customization options and features you can choose from. These machines have been engineered and manufactured in Italy using cutting-edge technology and world-class innovation.

Chain-Driven Turntable

The turntable on Omni machines is chain driven which helps reduce breakdowns and makes the machine virtually maintenance free. This ensures that the turntable returns to the starting position after finishing its wrapping cycle.

Chain Driven Turntable

Automatic Tension Settings

This feature in Omni pallet wrappers allows you to programme settings that automatically adjust the tension of the film by detecting each section of the pallet. This ensures that the correct amount of stretch film is applied so that there aren’t any breakages on sharp corners of the load. Achieve maximum stretch yield while maintaining optimum load containment with the Omni Pallet Wrappers.

Automatic Tension Settings

Rack and Pinion System

Omni pallet wrapping machines are maintenance free and offer far greater safety, thanks to our patented rack and pinion system. Our system employs a mechanically irreversible gearbox which prevents the carriage from moving in reverse, thereby preventing its fall or breakage. The shaft of the pinion can bear 5x greater load, providing a failsafe safety feature.

rack and pinion system

Extensive Programming Options

Omni pallet wrappers offer a library of programming options that give you the ability to wrap your products in a way that suits you the most. This feature allows you to calculate the usage of your wrap. This tool is perfect for analysing your costing per pallet wrapped. A password-protected control panel gives you the ability to ensure that there isn’t any interference in the machine’s settings.


Neck-Down System

The term ‘neck-down’ refers to the reduction in width of the film after being stretched.  The neck-down is usually higher when the film is pre-stretched but our unique rubber rollers grip and lines system has been designed to prevent the film from reducing its width while being pre-stretched, therefore increasing its stretch yield by over 400%.

Neck Down System

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