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VentX Unico Ventilated Pallet Wrapping Solution

The Perfect Load Ventilation & Containment, Synchronised not Compromised

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End of line packaging plays a vital role in protecting & prolonging our farmer’s and supermarket’s perishable foods. To keep produce fresh, meats, dairy, beverages and hot fill products from damage during transit & storage, they need to be ventilated quickly & adequately to avoid ripening gases, moisture build up and rust from occurring. To assist with the cooling process, ventilated stretch wrap is used to extend the shelf life by allowing loads to breathe.

Introducing Omni’s VentX Unico – the world’s first patent design (pending), revolutionising the way our industry applies pallet load ventilation without compromising load containment. We address 3 main challengers - adequate ventilation, optimal load containment & high costs.

Compare Regular Ventilated Stretch Wrap vs. the VentX Unico Solution

Smart Engineered Ventilation

Regular stretch wrap acts as an insulation for the load, increasing cooling time. Wrapping pallets with VentX Unico allows air to flow freely through the pallet; cooling the load quicker and maintaining regular air flow during storage. Freezer temperature (-20°C) isn’t required to be as low, therefore reducing energy consumption & electricity costs in chill rooms.

Achieve Optimised Load Containment

Regular ventilated films won’t stretch beyond 200% due to the structure of the film between the pre-cut holes. Film breakages, downtime, excessive costs & wrapping inconsistencies can occur. The VentX Unico system can be pre-stretched up to 300% and reinforced with ropers that act like cable stretch film bands, securing load & load-to pallet bond. There are also no loose tails, meeting strict supermarket requirements for palletised loads. Without proper load containment, you risk the load sliding off its pallet during transportation, product damage, accidents and OH&S.

Flexibility to Customise & Control

Operators can now customise settings to control the amount of ventilation & load force required for different weights & pallet load types. The VentX Unico System is fitted on Pallet Wrappers; to be used in conjuction with highperformance stretch film, separated into 3 mini rolls on one continuous core. These 3 bands of film are dispensed through a roping mechanism & pre-stretch carriage, allowing adjustments to film widths for maximum ventilation. Convenience, consistency & control are in your hands.

Reduce Plastic Usage, Overall Costs, Labour Time & Environmental Impact

Regular ventilated stretch film at a low stretch yield is very expensive in comparison to Omni’s VentX Unico Solution. Reduce film usage and significant costs. Additional savings can be found in productivity, making it an economical and sustainable solution for the end of line packaging.

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Plastic Usage & Cost Comparison

Regular Ventilated Stretch Wrap vs.VentX Unico Solution


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6 Advantages when applying the VentX Unico Solution:

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  1. Reduce your plastic usage & wrapping costs significantly.
  2. Save on energy consumption & electricity costs in chill rooms.
  3. Flexibility to customise & control your load ventilation and load containment.
  4. Avoid product damage by allowing loads to breathe.
  5. No loose tails to meet strict supermarket guidelines for palletised loads.
  6. Lower your environmental impact with less plastic usage.

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2021 PIDA Award Winner - Sustainable Packaging Design of the Year (Industrial)


As Australian businesses, manufacturers & consumers are looking at new ways to reduce plastic usage and embrace sustainability, we’re excited to be acknowledged by the Australian Institute of Packaging (PIA) & the Australian horticulture industry for our VentX Unico Sustainable Packaging Solution.

  • The Australian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) Awards - Recognises Omni Group for making a significant difference in tertiary packaging to improve supply chain sustainability in two categories: Sustainable Packaging Design of the Year (Industrial) - Gold Winner &  Design Innovation of the Year (Outside of the Box) - Silver Winner.
  • Hort Connections -  Finalist in the National Awards for Excellence in two categories: Visy Industry Impact & Butler Market Gardens Environmental.

Omni Group’s Award Winning Pallet Wrapping Machinesview brochure.

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