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Coloured Packaging Tape

Omni Group offers coloured packaging tape solutions creating from two leading materials—PVC and polypropylene. With both product solutions guaranteeing strong adhesion and high-volume capability, product waste can be minimised and inventory economised to seal cartons, bundle, and code.

Available in six different colours—black, white, yellow, red, green and blue—Omni Polypropylene and PVC packaging tapes are excellent organisation solutions to help categorise and mark stored and transported cargo—perfect for warehouses, office space, and shop floors.

Have a customised system to keep track of your goods? See how these coloured solutions can help your team stay ahead of storage and inventory needs by accommodating existing tracking systems today.

On the Go? Start a Identification System

Is your team moving a lot of goods? Have high storage needs? These products can help your team stay on top of larger consignments from commercial, to retail, to residential. Good fragility, material, and transportation treatment are all viable markers to identify when working with large inventory—as is size, supplier, and destination.

Want to increase the efficiency and ease it takes for your team to track, ship, and work with inventory? Check out Omni Group’s coloured adhesive PP tape solutions—we’re sure to have a custom-fitting colour and size to keep your people and projects moving today.

Coloured  PVC Tape or Polypropylene (PP)? We Can Meet Your Project Needs

Have a preference of which material you need? Knowing that some of our leading customers have specific packaging and supply needs to fit into their everyday tasks, our ready-to-purchase and customisable products can fit the bill. Instead of relying on delayed shipments from overseas suppliers or running out of stock during a critical time, Omni Group’s solutions are local, offer direct purchasing, and come ready to use in your preferred material. Standing by the quality, durability, and flexibility of our product range, you can carry on with your work on the day-to-day because we’ve got the products needed to get your job done.

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