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Plastic and Metal Strapping

Also referred to as Polypropylene, this product is the most commonly used plastic option on the market. With features including high elongation and recovery and low-retained tension, this solution is an excellent choice for light-duty unitizing, bundling, and carton closing. Available for both manual and machine roll applications, Omni Group’s solutions can suit your needs as from start to finish.

Which Poly Strapping Solution Best Fits Your Needs?

Hand Regular: Used to bundle small, light parcels and cartons together, manually applied regular solutions are often secured with buckles or metal seals. Please click here to view our specialised kits.

Hand Heavy: Used to bundle cartons and heavier objects together, manually applied heavy-duty designs are often secured with metal seals. Please click here to view this range.

Machine Poly: Used in combination with a machine to tie larger and heavier items together for high volume processing, this type of product gives your team better control and greater efficiency. Premium Strapping is best used on Semi-Auto Machines and Super Premium alternatives are best suited to Fully Auto Machines.

Sealing Your Poly Strapping Cargo

Do you know which sealing option is best suited to your project? With each product requiring a different sealer to best contain the cargo, our team offers the following solutions to round out your system, among many more:

  • Plastic and Metal Buckles
  • Poly Sealing and Tensioner Tools
  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic sealing machines

All catered to your team and product needs. Need to streamline your packaging system? Talk to our team today about which Omni Group’s product and sealing solutions offer you better security and streamline your packing process. With reduced product waste and increased packing durability, let our team walk you through our unique product offering to customise a solution for your team today.

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