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Metal and Steel Strapping to Suit Every Application

Omni Group’s products can be used for heavy-duty applications where a high break stain is required. To best suit your team’s needs, we have two types available, including:

Ribbon Wound: smaller coils of approx. 10-15kg which are easier to handle and best suited to smaller volume users.

Rope Wound: continuous spools of approx. 40-50kg that are combined with seal-less steel strapping tools during application and best used by high-volume users.

To ensure the best performance of all our solutions, our team also offers a full line of application equipment and accessories including seal clips, tensioner, crimper, pneumatic tools, and dispensers.

From Ribbon to Rope Stainless Steel Strapping Tools

Knowing that your team needs a unique (and fail-proof) solution, which product will best suit your team? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of each:

  • Steel has the highest break strength compared to other materials meaning it can hold the heaviest loads without breaking. Worried about durability? Check out our range today.
  • This material resists corrosion when stainless steel varieties are used. Worried about rust? This product may be your solution.
  • Maintains its integrity with prolonged sun exposure and is not susceptible to UV damage or breakdown in hot climate zones. Transporting cargo through Australia? Check out our solutions.
  • They are excellent solutions for containing cargo with hard corners or sharp edges by limiting the risk of the edges cutting through the material. Transporting abrasive cargo? Look to this type of solution to minimise the risk of breakdown.

Are you considering an upgrade to your strapping solutions? Omni Group’s alternatives can provide your team with the needed durability and containment to protect your cargo and get it from point A to B. Want to find an economical solution? Touch base with our in-house team today to learn more.

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