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Masking Tape

Premium Italian Made Masking Tape

Omni Products has developed a large range of premium masking tape that can be custom slit to any width to suit every application. Manufactured in Italy to strict quality assurance the Omni Masking Tape is truly Engineered to Perfection.

Masking Tape Product Range:

Masking Tape Omni 600 General Purpose: The Omni 600 is our general masking tape designed to suit most applications including painting applications.

Masking Tape Omni 640 14 Day: The Omni 640 is our premium 14 day Masking Tape which is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. To be easily identified for its high performance and UV resistance, this tape is blue in colour.

Masking Tape Omni 64 Automotive: The Omni 64 is our premium Automotive Masking Tape which is developed to perform under wet conditions and withstand temperatures of up to 80° for 30 minutes. This Masking Tape is for automotive and industrial applications where it will be exposed to the weather and heat.

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