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Teflon Tape for Heat Sealing Machines

Our Teflon tape for sealing machines has been engineered to durability, quality, and resistance perfection. Available in both stick and non-stick solutions, these products can provide a clean and smooth surface for heat sealer elements, packaging machines, heat platens and hot plates for commercial, trade, and residential projects.

Heat Sealer Teflon Tape Engineered to Perfection

With excellent temperature resistance, low friction risk, electrical insulation, and optimal release, our products have been designed to suit a variety of applications with speed and ease. Created from an impregnated fibreglass cloth, each Teflon adhesive tape product has been tested for dimensional stability to get the job done.

Have existing products that you match with a new supplier? No problem – touch base with Omni Group to check out our variety of sizes, widths, and customisable options to ensure a seamless transition to a new local (and affordable!) product range.

Teflon Tape Available in Multiple Widths and Sizes

Looking for a unique fit? All of our adhesive and non-stick Teflon tapes can be customised to fit your unique width and thickness needs. If you’re working on a specific project or have an existing system and need a new product to fit your current supply needs, touch base with our team to create a tailor-made solution to keep your project moving forward today.

Instead of relying on overseas suppliers to keep your product needs at-hand, Omni Group is a leading Australian retailer and manufacturer of custom tape, packaging, and shipping solutions. With ongoing shipping delays, lost product, and the risk of an overseas purchase being the wrong fit, our direct buy option allows all customers to see, feel, and trial what they’re purchasing in-house, same day.

Don’t run the risk of ordering the wrong stock or settling for a less than perfect customisable design—Omni Group’s on-the-ground services can give you a piece of mind and get your projects back on track. As a leading Australian provider of packaging and shipping solutions, we stand by the quality and durability of every Omni Group product—and can’t wait to hear from you today.

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