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Adhesives and Heavy-Duty Staplers for Sale

Omni Group’s wide variety of fasteners, staplers, and glues are ready to help you with your heavy-duty carton sealing tasks. With a product range varying from handheld options, through to larger-scale designs, contact our team to see how you can streamline your packaging process and make all aspects a breeze.

Are Staplers What You Need?

From carton top and bottom staplers to handheld units and hot glue guns, our fastening product range is sure to have the right solution to keep your team on the go. However, we understand that all applications are different, with businesses needing specific products for a variety of needs.

  • Staplers – with over 25 years in the industry of packaging and storage solutions, Omni Group’s range of heavy-duty staplers for sale has earned a reputation for durability, reliability, and affordability.
  • Hand-held Units – with both Plier and Tacker units available, our hand-held staplers for sale are robust and easy to use for everyday application.
  • Carton Top – offering both manual and pneumatic carton-top stapling units, Omni Group carton-top fasteners are durable and designed for heavy-duty use and high-volume application.
  • Carton Bottom – available in both manual and pneumatic ranges, our carton-bottom stapling units are designed for high-volume application.
  • Hot Melt Glue Guns – with both a regular and premium hand-held hot glue gun range, find your perfect solution based on your needs. Are you looking for an everyday, accessible solution? The Omni Group Regular Hot Melt Glue Gun could be perfect for you. Our Premium edition is also great for heavy-duty and high-volume applications.

If your team needs to streamline the packing process, check out the Omni Group range of glue gun, stapling, and fastening solutions. With over two decades of experience as an industry leader in the field, we stand by the quality, durability, and affordability of our products. Check in with our team today to see how the right products can simplify your shipping process now.

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