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Omni Group: Your Full Range Provider of Wholesale Janitorial Products

With over 25 years as an industry leader in manufacturing and printing solutions, Omni Group offers an extensive range of janitorial products for the general washroom, warehouse, and commercial use. From cleaning rags to hand towels and toilet tissue, our team can be your local one-stop-shop for all your amenity needs. Our innovative products are available across Melbourne, Brisbane and wider Australia, all at wholesale prices.

Cleaning Rags, Toilet Tissue, Hand Towel, and More

Are you looking for a reliable provider for your cleaning and janitorial needs? From industrial rags, hand towels, tissue, and more, our team can provide direct and wholesale purchasing options to offer you an economical product solution. Just a quick look at our extensive product range includes:

  • Toilet, facial, and hand tissues and towels
  • Protective wear including surgery masks, face masks, hair nets, and earplugs
  • Cottom and industrial safety gloves, safety vests
  • Hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial wipes, protective KN95 face masks
  • Storage crates and bins, trolley and carrying equipment, and more

Cleaning, Infection Prevention, and Meeting OHS Needs

Do you want to ensure the safety of your team while on the job? Omni Group offers a wide variety of OHS and safety products that can support your janitorial, OHS, and facility maintenance needs.

From industrial safety gloves to protective wear and face mask solutions, keep your team moving forward knowing you have the products and equipment to keep you safe. Minimise the risk of on-site and workplace injury with our range of safety vests and warehouse carrying solutions.

Instead of risking repetitive strain or heavy-cargo injuries, general-purpose, heavy-duty, and multi-deck trolleys can speed up warehouse and transportation operations and keep your people safe. Now more than ever, you need a provider of A-grade cleaning, janitorial, and infection prevention products and we believe our products can stand the test of time. With high-visibility safety vests and carrying equipment sourced for your team, stay compliant with your OHS needs and keep your people and day-to-day tasks moving along.

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