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5 & 10 Year Long and Loyal Service Award

Our staff at the most important part of our company. Without a great team, we wouldn’t be a great company.

As a token of appreciation of their long and loyal service, a trophy and red balloon voucher are given to all staff at their 5 and 10 year anniversary.

Congratulations for over 10 years of service. A big thank you to Cameron Salisbury, Susie Risbey and Glen Darmanin.


Congratulations for over 5 years of service. A big thank you to Candice Considine, Kaushik Prajapati, John Keranis, Pat Gatt, Dwayne Salisbury and Jonathan Salisbury.


Providing the highest level of customer service is the key focus in this company so therefore reflects our team’s culture. Our business philosophy is to exceed our clients’ expectations and to do more than they ask or think – this is what makes the difference.

“Clients are our business not just today but next month and next year. Giving you what you want is our priority but exceeding what you even thought is our goal.”

Our Values – Integrity, Quality, Trustability, Accountability, Customer Satisfaction.

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