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Omni Plana – Introducing the world’s lowest pallet wrapper

Plana 2

Omni Plana Pallet Wrapping Machine – The Worlds Lowest Turntable!

Only 18mm high, the Omni Plana Pallet Wrapping Machine has the lowest turntable in the world. This machine is recognized as ‘the most innovative pallet wrapper of the last decade’. The 270 degree turntable allows excellence access for loading pallets from every angle. The low turntable means the access ring is only 20 cm wide being a huge space saver with no need for a long ramp. This also eliminates the danger to trip or slip on a long ramp protruding out of the pallet wrapper. Manufactured in Italy, the Plana is another Omni Pallet Wrapping Machine that has been engineered to Perfection.

These Pallet Wrappers have been engineered with our Omni Stretch Wrap to have the capability of stretching film to 400%. Through the development of these Omni Products, AAA Packaging Supplies has revolutionised the stretch film market, releasing ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’ that is guaranteed to reduce film usage by 50% and save up to 30% on wrapping cost.

Our Omni Packaging Solutions have receive multiple awards for its distinctive innovation. The Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution has been award the Innovative Sustainable Packaging Winner because of its significant environmental benefits. The Omni Plana Pallet Wrapper received the Imported Machinery Excellence by the APPMA in 2015.


With a Plana Pallet Wrapping Machine you will…

– Reduce back strain of pushing pallets up steep inclined ramps
– Save warehouse space with only 20cm ramp to turntable
– Increase your stretch yield to 400%
– Save your wrapping costs by 20%
– Reduce your stretch film usage by 50%

Hand-loading-pallet-on-plana-with-coinPallet Wrapping Machine



Do you want ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’?

Omni Group Brand Promise


Omni Plana Pallet Wrapper – Award Winning Machine

Winner - 2015Winner - 2017Winner - 2018

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