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Pallet Wrapping Machine

More businesses are shipping products as consumers flock towards online shopping over brick and mortar stores.

When you are sending or receiving this stock in bulk, it is essential to ensure the pallet loads are correctly secured. Products can be damaged if they are moved during transit, in a warehouse where you are storing these pallets for later shipping, or during long-haul shipping. Having the right equipment is essential for any warehouse or online shopping operation, and we have the best machines for the job.

Omni Group’s industrial stretch wrapping machines and films have been engineered to minimise the amount of stretch wrap needed to secure a pallet load. With the ability to stretch films up to 400%, these machines are guaranteed to reduce plastic usage by over 50%, resulting in lower costs and environmental impact.

The World’s Most Innovative & Sustainable Pallet Wrapping Machine

When you are using a pallet wrapping machine to secure your load, you want to ensure the result will be strong and prevent any movement.

Our equipment has been designed to ensure that your pallet loads are not only secured in place but perfectly aligned for ease of access and storage. Our industrial pallet wrapping machine is simple to use and will quickly enclose your products, while also binding them tightly so there’s zero movement while in transit.

Innovative and Efficient Load Containment

The Omni Group industrial pallet wrapping machine is the world’s most innovative, efficient, and sustainable load containment solution. Internationally recognised as “the most innovative pallet wrapper of the last decade”, this award-winning solution will save you time, plastic and money.

To ensure that our leading packaging solutions can cater to every budget and application, we offer multiple payment options to best suit your budget needs including equipment rental, asset loans and pay ‘Per Pallet Wrapped’.

9 Ways an Omni Stretch Wrap Machine will Streamline Your Operations:

  • Increase stretch film yield up to 400%.
  • Reduce plastic waste by a minimum of 50%.
  • Save up to 20% of total pallet wrapping
  • Reduce the risk of repetitive strain and workplace injury by automating manual tasks.
  • Save on plastic disposal costs.
  • Lower your environmental impact.
  • Reduce labour costs associated with manual hand wrapping.
  • Increase packaging efficiency and lower overall processing time.
  • Safely secure your pallet load and minimise the risk of cargo damage.

The Perfect Combination

Omni Group’s award-winning film eliminates breakage with a product that’s ‘thinner, stronger and longer’. Designed with cutting-edge resin technology, our team worked to create an option that contains lighter microfilm without compromising on strength or durability. The result? A high-performance film that surpasses traditional yield quantities and superior puncture resistance.

Are you looking to reduce overall pallet wrapping costs, need a more secure solution to transport goods, or minimise the risk of repetitive strain? Our film pairs with the leading range of, lowering costs, increasing efficiency and giving you peace of mind.


  • How long does it take to machine wrap pallets vs. hand wrap pallets?
  • On a machine it can vary between 2-3minutes depending on your choice of machine type (refer to table).

    As for hand stretch wrapping a pallet, it roughly takes 4 minutes. Multiply this by the number of pallets required for wrapping per day. Remove the physical labour, time & inconsistency associated by manually hand wrapping your pallets. Streamline this process through automation.

    wrapping pallets time

  • What is a 'power pre stretch' on a pallet wrapping machine?
  • The power pre stretch unit on pallet wrappers is the key to increasing your stretch film capacity. Omni’s Stretch Wrap has a stretch yield of up to 400%. Designed & engineered to be thinner, longer & stronger than your ordinary stretch wrap whilst maximising load containment. This is achieved when the film is feed through a series of rollers on the carriage prior to the film being applied to the pallet load. It’s also more sustainable as less film is used; lowering your costs and environmental impact.

  • What’s the difference between semi and fully automatic pallet wrapping machines?
  • Omni offer a range of 3 kinds: semi-automatic, automatic & fully automatic.

    Semi-automatic is our basic model, used for low to medium pallet wrapping volumes. You attach the stretch film to the pallet load and it’ll cut-off once the wrapping cycle is complete. Omni machines however offer more automation options than your standard pallet wrapper on the market. This includes pre-set up to 32 user programs & tension control that detects and adjusts the load force required around pallet edges. This prevents film breakage while maximising the stretch yield performance.

    Automatic is more advanced and is suitable for higher volumes. The machine will attach the stretch film to the pallet load, cut & seal the film at the end of the wrapping cycle. This avoids loose tails from catching onto objects & loosening their wrap. A common issue that causes poor load containment & bad practices.

    Fully automatic is when the pallet wrapper integrates into an automatic conveyed packaging line. We customise to suit the client’s specifications with endless options eg. weighing systems, barcode readers, acoustic & light alerts. A full end-to-end sustainable solution that helps maximise their warehouse efficiency, reduce labour costs & lower their carbon footprint.

  • Do Omni pallet wrapping machines have warranty?
  • The extended 10 year warranty option applies to the Tiro, Cresco & Base models only. This warranty option is free based on Omni Group being the sole supplier of the stretch film, used for that machine. For all other pallet wrappers, a 2 year warranty applies. Warranty is only valid on a machine if it’s been serviced accordingly.

  • What type of machines have the automatic film attach, cut and heat seal feature?
  • Inline pallet wrapping machines and the Superplus offer these features as a standard, while the Plana &Base models have the auto cut off as an optional extra.

    This feature enables the film ends to be tucked away at the end of the wrapping cycle. An air device blows the film tail up and heat welds to secure the load. There are no loose tails, entangling itself in any object. The process involves a ‘film catcher’ at the end of each wrapping cycle so that the next cycle can begin without having to manually attach the film to the load.

  • What are the advantages of a low profile turntable?
  • This eliminates the need for a 3 metre long, steep, inclined ramp for forklift accessibility. Standard practice for pallet wrappers which can take up space. Omni offer an innovative turntable with a 270° access ring (20cm wide & only 18mm high). The lowest turntable in the world. It offers convenience and ease for pallet truck loading to be strain free as well as save space.

  • What are the advantages of a film roping system?
  • The roping system on the Omni wrappers is an excellent feature to increase pallet load containment. At the end of the wrapping cycle, the 500mm width of stretch film is pulled down to form a thin rope. This machine then runs several more rotations to wrap the load for security. The film roping mechanism is available on selected models.

  • Do pallet wrapping machines come with scales?
  • Scales can be built into the turntable of the Omni pallet wrapping machines for operational efficiency. As pallets need to be wrapped & weighed, you reduce double handling. The importance of obtaining the accurate weight of your pallets is to avoid overall freight costs. You can also check pilferage by weighing pallets at the final step.

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