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Pallet Wrapping Machine

More businesses are shipping products as consumers flock towards online shopping over brick and mortar stores.

When you are sending or receiving this stock in bulk, it is essential to ensure the pallet loads are correctly secured. Products can be damaged if they are moved during transit, in a warehouse where you are storing these pallets for later shipping, or during long-haul shipping. Having the right equipment is essential for any warehouse or online shopping operation, and we have the best machines for the job.

Omni Group’s industrial stretch wrapping machines and films have been engineered to minimise the amount of stretch wrap needed to secure a pallet load. With the ability to stretch films up to 400%, these machines are guaranteed to reduce plastic usage by over 50%, resulting in lower costs and environmental impact.

The World’s Most Innovative & Sustainable Pallet Wrapping Machine

When you are using a pallet wrapping machine to secure your load, you want to ensure the result will be strong and prevent any movement.

Our equipment has been designed to ensure that your pallet loads are not only secured in place but perfectly aligned for ease of access and storage. Our industrial pallet wrapping machine is simple to use and will quickly enclose your products, while also binding them tightly so there’s zero movement while in transit.

Innovative and Efficient Load Containment

The Omni Group industrial pallet wrapping machine is the world’s most innovative, efficient, and sustainable load containment solution. Internationally recognised as “the most innovative pallet wrapper of the last decade”, this award-winning solution will save you time, plastic and money.

To ensure that our leading packaging solutions can cater to every budget and application, we offer multiple payment options to best suit your budget needs including equipment rental, asset loans and pay ‘Per Pallet Wrapped’.

9 Ways an Omni Stretch Wrap Machine will Streamline Your Operations:

  • Increase stretch film yield up to 400%.
  • Reduce plastic waste by a minimum of 50%.
  • Save up to 20% of total pallet wrapping
  • Reduce the risk of repetitive strain and workplace injury by automating manual tasks.
  • Save on plastic disposal costs.
  • Lower your environmental impact.
  • Reduce labour costs associated with manual hand wrapping.
  • Increase packaging efficiency and lower overall processing time.
  • Safely secure your pallet load and minimise the risk of cargo damage.

The Perfect Combination

Omni Group’s award-winning film eliminates breakage with a product that’s ‘thinner, stronger and longer’. Designed with cutting-edge resin technology, our team worked to create an option that contains lighter microfilm without compromising on strength or durability. The result? A high-performance film that surpasses traditional yield quantities and superior puncture resistance.

Are you looking to reduce overall pallet wrapping costs, need a more secure solution to transport goods, or minimise the risk of repetitive strain? Our film pairs with the leading range of, lowering costs, increasing efficiency and giving you peace of mind.

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