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Poly Strapping

Poly Strapping & Plastic Strapping to Suit Every Application! Hand & Machine Poly Strapping 
Poly Strapping or Polypropylene Strapping is the most commonly used plastic strapping on the market. Its high elongation and recovery and low retained tension make polypropylene strapping an excellent choice for light duty unitizing, bundling and carton closing. Poly Strapping is available in different rolls types for hand and machine application.
Not sure what poly strapping you need?
Hand Regular Duty Poly Strapping:
Used to bundle small, light parcels & cartons together. Usually strapped together with Buckles or Metal Seals. Please click here to view our Poly Strapping Kit.
Hand Heavy Duty Poly Strapping:
Used to bundle cartons and heavier objects together. Usually strapped together Metal Seals. Please click here to view our Heavy Duty Poly Strapping Kit.
Machine Poly Strapping:
Used on a Poly Strapping Machine to strap larger and heavier items together for high volume and greater efficiency. Premium Strapping is used on Semi-Auto Strapping Machine & Super Premium Strapping is used on a Fully Auto Strapping Machine.

We also offer a range of semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines and Sealless strapping tools to apply and secure the strapping. Click here to view our range of Poly Strapping Machines.
Custom Colours, Printing and Sizing is available – please enquire today for Omni Products to provide you “Your Perfect Packaging Solution”!

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