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Stretch Wrap: How to Select the Right Type and Why It’s So Important

As a result of cutting-edge innovation and product development, Omni Group has released a comprehensive range of stretch wrap to suit every application, providing the perfect solution for every customer’s requirement.

However, in order to have the most cost-effective pallet wrapping solution while maximising load containment and stretch yield, it is essential to select the right film and pallet wrapper for your application. This is what we refer to as The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution”, a combination of Omni Stretch Film and Omni Pallet Wrapper.
PerformX Stretch WrapCoven Blown Machine

Coloured Wrap Hand ColouredViper Hand BK
VentX Machine ClearOmni Euro Wrap Machine

Asking yourself these questions can help determine what stretch wrap would best suit your requirements: 

1. Do you wrap your pallets with a machine or by hand?

When selecting what type of stretch wrap you require, the first thing you need to identify is, do you wrap your pallets with a machine or manually hand wrap you pallets. Stretch wrap comes in different core sizes and length rolls to suit application by machine or hand. Hand stretch wrap rolls usually weigh around 3 kg’s and machine stretch wrap rolls are about 14 kg’s. The options of the type of stretch wrap don’t stop there. There are multiple different types of hand stretch wrap and machine stretch wrap.

Although just because you may be currently hand wrapping your pallets, it doesn’t mean you have to continue with that wrapping method. Wrapping pallets by hand may seem like a cheaper alternative to buying a pallet wrapping machine. Hand wrapping pallets is a false economy. The truth is an Omni Pallet Wrapper will pay for itself through savings in wrapping time and stretch film reduction.

To avoid the capital outlay of purchasing a pallet wrapper, we offer many alternative payment options. These options include free machine based on consumable supply, machine rental, and Pay ‘Per Pallet Wrapped’.

Euro Wrap Cast Machine Stretch 1 Hand Stretch Wrap Dispenser 1 1

2. What is the pallet load type and size?

Stretch wrap and pallet machine manufacturers have divided the types of pallet loads into three main categories. This is based on the load stability, difficulty in wrapping and protrusions:

  • A-Type Pallet Load: Straight sides ~ No protrusions ~ Slightly inboard ~ Stable
  • B-Type Pallet Load: Relatively straight sides ~ Less than 2-inch protrusions ~ Relatively stable
  • C-Type Pallet Load: Odd shapes ~ Severe protrusions ~ Unstable

Pallet Type

3. Do you need to your pallet loads?

The Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap range is known as the ‘Perfect Pallet Identification Solution’ providing limitless opportunities to the transport and distribution industry, being the answer to distinguishing palletised products. Omni Coloured Stretch Wrap is available in Black, White, Clear, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

Pallet Identification – Coloured Stretch Wrap is ideal for colour coding pallets for distribution categorising, QA, stocktake and quarantine purposes to ensure they don’t get mistaken for other loads.

Corporate Branding – Coloured Stretch Film is great to wrap your pallets in your company colour for brand recognition and to make your loads stand out.

coloured wrap in pallets

4. Do your pallets loads need security & privacy?

Our black stretch wrap and white stretch wrap are both opaque films. Wrapping your pallets in opaque stretch wrap is ideal when security and theft is an issue as the contents of the pallet load is not visible. If your pallet loads are a high dollar value and travel long distances outside your companies care, black stretch wrap is a great solution. Stretch film is a tamper evident product so you can tell if the pallet load has been broken into.

White stretch film is also ideal for wrapping temperature sensitive pallet loads as the white film doesn’t attract the heat.

Coloured Wrap Blown Machine Stretch 1

5. Are you wrapping pallet loads that need ventilation?

The Omni ‘VentX’ is a reinforced ventilated stretch wrap. This is the perfect solution for wrapping products likely to get damaged by ripening gases, humidity, rust, mould or condensation. Ventilated stretch wrap is also ideal for wrapping pallets that need to chill or to freeze quickly. This breathable stretch wrap is able in hand and machine rolls for both applications.

Avoid fresh produce damage with load ventilation – Ventilated stretch wrap is perfect for wrapping loads of fresh produce that are likely to get damaged by ripening gases, humidity and mould. VentX is used to prolong the shelf life of fresh produce by allowing it to breathe while in storage and transit.

Reduce freezing time with load ventilation – Ventilated film is also ideal wrapping loads that require fast cooling as convention stretch wrap acts as an insulation for the load, therefore increasing the cooling time. Wrapping pallets with ventilated film that isn’t isolative means that the freezer temperature isn’t required to be as low, therefore reducing electricity costs

Avoid damaged hot loads with load ventilation – Wrapping pallets of hot fill products with ventilated film allows the load to breathe, preventing rust and condensation. VentX film will also reduce the cooling time of hot products as convention stretch wrap acts as an insulation for the load.

VentX features

6.  Does your pallet wrapping machine have ‘power pre stretch’?

The ‘power pre stretch’ carriage is a unique feature on the Omni Pallet Wrappers as it increases the yield of stretch wrap to 400%.

Through cutting edge resin advancements, we have developed high-performance films that are less than half a micron of conventional films with superior puncture resistance and load containment. Used in conjunction with the Omni Wrappers Power-Pre-stretch technology, our Omni Films have a stretch yield over 400%. That is why these two elements combined is The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution.

Prestretch Diagram REVERSE

6. What containment force is required for the pallet loads are you wrapping? 

Different types of pallet loads require different amounts of containment force. To ensure you have a stable and secure pallet load, it is important that the suitable containment force level is applied to the pallet. A pallet of water bottles and a pallet of paper towel need different levels of holding the force to secure the loads. Based on the weight and stability of a pallet load, there are different containment force recommendations (CFR);
0 200kg200 500kg500 750kg750 1000kg

7. What is the distance, time and environment the pallets are being shipped in?

Your pallet loads may seem secure when they leave your warehouse but what condition do they arrive at their destination? A pallet load undergoes a lot of stress during transit. Therefore it’s important to consider the distance and mode of shipment when wrapping your pallets.

A vehicle is continually starting and stopping and vibrating in travelling. If the load on the pallet is not correctly contained, there is a high risk of it being damaged. Over 50% of in-transit damage is due to ineffective pallet wrapping so don’t risk it.

If your pallets are being transported in an open tray truck, you need to consider the environmental factors that could damage the pallet load. A securely and consistently wrapped pallet with a plastic top sheet over will protect your load against water damage. UV resistant stretch wrap is available for pallet loads that are stored outdoors. This stretch wrap has a UV additive which prevents the film from becoming brittle when exposed to direct sunlight.


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