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Australia’s Largest Range of Adhesive and Packaging Tape Products

With over 25 years in the industry, Omni Group is a market leader in commercial packaging solutions and has an expansive selection of adhesive tape products to suit every application. Our range includes tapes for:

Our team prides ourselves on the superior quality, innovation, and design infused in every one of our products throughout our Australian collection.

Supporting commercial, retail, and residential needs, our clients know that Omni Group products can be tailored to suit their every project. From shipping and logistics to manufacturing, mailing, and moving, each Omni Group innovation has been tried and tested for durability, quality, and ease. If you have considered sourcing your packaging supply needs from a local provider, look no further than Omni Group to get started with some of the best, and most affordable, today.

Customised Packaging and Adhesive Tape Products

With local and overseas manufacturing facilities, our customised projects are one of our specialty (and most sought-after) product solutions. With Omni Group leading the way as one of Australia’s leading custom printed tape manufacturers, we have the opportunity for all clients and organisations to tailor-make their products, buy direct, and save.

From as low as $0.02 AUD per application, we encourage you to enquire today about what custom packaging and adhesive solutions we can offer your team. From a cohesive, professional appearance to increased brand and organisation recognition, we stand-by the quality of our aesthetic and physical designs.

Ready and able to accommodate custom-slit adhesive requirements right down to specific width requests, no customisation project is off the cards with Omni Group. Looking to level up your brand marketing in a simple and accessible way? Carry on with your everyday tasks with the added bonus of customised packing solutions. Having accommodated countless design, size, and quantity requests, our in-house team is sure to find a product solution that fits your needs. Contact Omni Group today to get your tailor-made solution started.

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