5 Benefits of an Automatic Orbital Stretch Wrapper

An orbital stretch wrapper offers a fast and secure way of packaging products with long or unusual shapes. Once the load is fed into the machine, the roller wraps the sheet all around the product both vertically and horizontally thus providing complete sealing and protection.

Stretch wrap machines are used across many industries to wrap different types of loads and transport them securely. Items like large panels, wood planks, pipes etc. that come in unusual shapes and sizes pose a major problem for regular stretch wrap machines.

As opposed to hand wrapping, using an orbital stretch wrapper is easy, less time-consuming, and ideal for high volume applications. If your business involves the packing and transportation of loads with unusual shapes and sizes, an orbital stretch wrap machine could be a valuable addition to your factory equipment.

orbital stretch wrapper

1. Increase Productivity with an Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Wrapping big items manually can be difficult and exhausting. Orbital stretch wrappers can operate automatically while consistently delivering high-quality results. It works way faster than manual wrapping and leaves no room for error. It also minimises your labour costs and eliminates the entire process of cutting and securing the films after every cycle, making it a simple and efficient process.

orbital stretch wrapper

2. Cost Effective Wrapping Method

An orbital stretch wrapper is significantly more cost effective than other methods of wrapping large items. Applying stretch wrap manually is time consuming. By increasing efficiency and reducing required labour, these machines can pay off its self. Remember, time equals money.

3. Improve Warehouse Safety with an Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Especially when items are heavy, it can be very difficult to manually stretch wrap long and awkward shaped products. These items need to be lifted and rotated to wrap. This constant bending and lifting can increase the risk of back injury. Manually wrapping not only are your staff at risk of injury,

4. Professional & Consistence Wrapping Method

Maintaining consistent cover of stretch film ensures the your items are secured and protected properly. An Orbital Stretch Wrapper helps in applying the stretch film consistently around the load. Neat and consistent packaging gives a profession appearance which reflects the companies care for your products and clients.

orbital stretch wrapper

5. Improve Load Integrity with an Orbital Wrapper

Ensuring your loads are secure correctly is crucial to the safe transportation of goods. If your items aren’t wrapped securely, the products can be loose in transit. This can result in product damage or potentially causing a safety hazard. The use of an orbital wrapping machine ensures that the holding force is kept at just the right level thus maintaining load integrity.


Types of Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machines

Omni offers a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic orbital wrapping machines to suit different product sizes, types and volume requirements:

Orbital Wrapper Size Guide

Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machines:

50 Plus – Orbital Wrapper Machine Automatic
90 Plus – Orbital Wrapping Machine Automatic
125 Plus – Orbital Wrapping Machine Automatic
160 Plus – Orbital Wrapper Machine Automatic
200 Plus – Orbital Wrapping Machine Automatic

Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machines:

50 -Orbital Wrapping Machine Semi-Automatic
90 – Orbital Wrapping Machine Semi-Automatic
125 – Orbital Wrapping Machine Semi-Automatic
160 – Orbital Wrapping Machine Semi-Automatic
200 – Orbital Wrapping Machine Semi-Automatic

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