Custom Despatch & Mailing Products – Custom Mailing Bags, Custom Sizing Postage Tubes & Custom Printing Self Adhesive Envelopes!

Omni Products pride themselves in being able to deliver the “Perfect Packaging Solution” for every requirement!

They have the ability to custom make & print almost anything – please enquire today for your Omni Products to provide your “Perfect Packaging Solution”…

Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

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Mailing Bags – Custom Sizing, Materials & Printing

Omni Mailing Bags have been recognized by distribution specialists as the leading suppliers in Mailing Bags nationwide! Omni Products stock a large range of Mailing Bags and can also custom make and print the exact bag you need!

Postage Tubes – Custom Sizing

Postage Tubes come in a variety of lengths and widths. An economical solution to packing difficult items. These Tubes are extremely strong, perfect for Plan Drawings, Posters, Photos and Calendars.

Self Adhesive Envelopes – Custom Printing

Self-Adhesive Envelopes are adhesive backed pockets used to stick on the parcel and insert documents to be shipped with the item

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