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5 Differences Between Furniture Moving Blankets & Furniture Felt Rolls

Whether you are moving to a different city or just a few blocks away, the entire process of relocating is exhausting and tedious. You need to ensure that every little thing is packed and transported without damage. In fact, transferring your possessions safely from one place to another is one of the biggest challenges people face while shifting houses. Furniture moving blankets or furniture felt rolls are used for this purpose.

Furniture is especially vulnerable to damage and deterioration during the relocation process. Damage may arise from scratches and abrasions during transportation, rainwater if it is left out in the open, and many other instances. Fortunately, you can avoid these losses by using the right means to protect your goods. Furniture moving blankets and furniture felt rolls are commonly used by individuals and professional removalist companies to ensure proper protection of objects during transportation.

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Furniture Felt Rolls

While the use of furniture moving blankets and furniture felt rolls are common enough, there happen to be many who are not aware of their uses and applications. Many people also fail to distinguish between the two items and confuse one with the other. But each item comes with its own set of characteristics and they possess different advantages.

There are some major differences between furniture moving blankets and furniture felt rolls in terms of size, texture, usage, etc.

  • Furniture Felt & Moving Blankets Material Texture 

Also known as removalist blankets, furniture blankets are highly durable quilted material. They are used to cover furniture surfaces to protect them from dust and scratches. Furniture removalist felt are continuous rolls of compressed recycled material with a very soft finish.

  • Sizes of Furniture Moving Blankets & Felt

Furniture moving blankets come in pre-cut 1.83m X 3.6m sheets. This can be a disadvantage if the item of furniture if larger than the blanket. Furniture felt comes in continuous 50m rolls, 1.8m wide. This makes it very convenient if need to cover large pieces of furniture. Furniture felt is also used to cut to size and used to cover and protect small items like chair legs.

Although furniture felt is an advantage to some, others see this as a disadvantage. In the fast pace removalist industry, many find pre-cut furniture blankets more convenient as they don’t have to be cut off the roll every time some more felt is required.

  • Furniture Felt Flexibility Advantage

The difference in size also affects the flexibility of use of the two items. Pre-cut furniture moving blankets are best used for furniture pieces of a certain shape and size. Furniture felt rolls offer consumers the option of having them cut and shaped as per specific requirements.

  • Furniture Moving Blankets & Felt Applications

Although both are used to cover and protect furniture, they have other applications. With 600 gsm density, this high-grade material is tough, tear resistant and can be used for a number of things like soundproofing a room, protecting wooden floors, securing temporary acoustic panelling and several other purposes.

  • Furniture Moving Blankets Costs

When moving house or office there is always a lot of furniture to be transported. This means the bulk purchase of furniture protection material. Such material needs to be durable, long-lasting and economical. The cost of furniture felt and furniture blankets are similar and often comes down to personal preference as to what type they use.

While both furniture blankets and furniture rolls are used for covering and protecting furniture, it’s important to know the difference between the two and what type would suit you best. A complete understanding of the differences will help you identify the best option as per your requirements.

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