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What is the best way to prepare a surface for Double Sided Tape?

Surface preparation is the key to success in applying double sided tapes. Even if you are using an aggressive adhesive that is well-suited to your application, the double sided tape wouldn’t perform like it should if the surface is not prepared correctly.

For a majority of surfaces that you commonly encounter, a good scrub with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and water in equal proportions will do the job of preparing it for applying double sided tape. The alcohol helps dissolve light grease and water clears away the dust and dirt. The only care you need to take is to keep the surface dry and clear and not touch it with your bare hands, as finger oils and other contaminants might affect it.

For a majority of cases, an IPA and water mixture is sufficient to prepare the surface to apply adhesive tape. However, there are exceptions. These include:

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Apply Double Sided Tape to heavy oil surface?

If the surface is contaminated with heavy oils, then you should use a degreaser or a solvent-based cleaner. Other options include mineral spirits, naphtha or citrus-based cleaners, which can cut the heavier weight oils. When the oils have been removed, use an alcohol and water mixture to wipe the surface clean.

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Apply Double Sided Tape to glossy surface?

If the surface is glossy or painted, then you should roughen it up by abrading it in a circular motion. Sanding or abrading increases the surface area by 40% and helps create a strong and persistent bond. Scrub pads, steel wool or sandpaper can achieve the right level of abrasion. After sanding, make sure that you clean the surface with an alcohol and water mixture to clear any debris or loose particles.

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Adhesion Promoting Coatings: For materials like plastic, glass, rubber, stone, copper, aluminium etc., a primer will significantly increase the adhesive bond as well as increase the persistence of the join. A primer layer blocks elements of substrate from migrating out over a period of time and also helps in preventing oxidation of metals.

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Applying Double Sided Tape to unique surfaces

If you are dealing with a unique surface, it is good to obtain the material data safety sheets before you proceed with using a primer. It is also recommended that surface compatibility tests be performed, especially when using polyvinyl or rubber materials. This can be achieved by subjecting the bonded sample to high and low temperatures as well as applying physical stress. Softening or discolouration of the adhesive tape can indicate a degraded bond.

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Omni’s range of Double Sided Tape:

We have developed an extensive range of specialty double sided tapes to suit every requirement. Our premium product range has been engineered to perfection. The tapes provide extra-strong adhesion and hold. This gives them an excellent performance on many different materials including wood, laminates, metals, plastics and leather. Every type of Double Sided Tape has been developed for different applications and surfaces. This makes it very important to ensure you are using the correct type of adhesive tape to suit your purpose. Our range of Double Sided Tape includes:

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To suit each client’s specific requirements, we can slit adhesive tape rolls to any width. With in-house slitting facilities, providing you with exactly what you need is ‘Not a Problem!’

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