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Air Pillow Inflator Machine – Airfil® Hi-Speed

The perfect void fill solution for high-speed & high-volume
Industrial applications

Omni Group’s ‘Airfil® Hi-speed’ Inflator has been designed for high-speed and high-volume void fill packaging as the name implies. Ideal for industrial applications such as e-commerce, third party logistics & mailing houses. As time is money when it comes to packing & dispatching goods; this innovative, compact and heavy-duty Airfil system inflates Air Pillows operating at 28 metres per minute. It’s your economical & cost-effective solution to suit your on-demand needs.

For smaller volumes of Air Pillow & Air Bubble film, view our Airfil® Hybrid Inflator Machine.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Air Pillow & Air Bubble film is 100% recyclable HDPE: curbside & reusable.
  • Dynamic patent sealing technology: no air or seal leakages.
  • Robust & compact design: built for busy, large packing lines and workstations where space is limited.
  • Uniform cushioning: linear pressure, temperature auto-adjustment & tension control.
  • Speed & efficiency: inflates 28 metres per minute.
  • Simple to setup & operate: automatic and semi-automatic settings.
  • Economical: film material is light weight & inflated by air meaning less material is required to fill the void.
  • Cost-effective: fast productivity with minimal downtime.

Air Pillow Inflator Machine – Airfil® Hi-Speed

Code Description Dimension Qty (Per Unit) Unit Price (Per Unit) Order Qty (Per Unit)
87.802 Airfil® Hi-speed Air Pillow Inflator Machine 535mm (L) x 520mm (W) x 375mm (H)
87.821 AirFil® Hi-speed Air Pillow Film HDPE 200mm x 120mm x 2400m /ctn
2 Ctn
5 Ctn
10 Ctn

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