Bubble Wrap – Custom Sizing, Colours & Printing

Omni Group has a large range of Bubble Wrap to suit every requirement. With different grades, bubble sizes, thicknesses, widths, lengths, Omni Group will be able to offer you your “Perfect Packaging Solution”. We also offer custom sizing, colours and printing – please enquire today!

Bubble Wrap is graded accordingly :
EC = Economy, L = Light, R = Regular
BW = Standard, H = Heavy Duty, SH = Super Heavy

Bubble Wrap comes in several layers :
– 1 layer bubble
– 2 layer bubble is standard
– 3 layers provides added protection, strength and penetration resistance

Grade Definitions of Bubble Wrap
For example : Description 102R is as below
10 = Bubble Size
2 = Layers of Bubble
R = Regular Grade

Bubble wrap can come in an size you want – with slitting and perforation options its made easy! Please enquire for pricing today on Bubble wrap cut exactly to your requirements
Custom colours or custom printing of bubble wrap is also available – perfect way to promote your brand and stand out from the crowd.

Engineered To Perfection – Omni Products is the most recognised brand in Australia.

• Tear & Puncture Resistant
• Printed bubble is excellent for promoting and advertising your brand
• Protects goods from external damage
• Prevents goods from moving in transit
• Transparency : improves product visibility
• Optimal edge and corner protection
• Recyclable Product & Reusable

– Perfect solution to protect heavy, bulky and fragile products from damage during transportation or storing
– Used by most warehouses and manufacturing plants

Bubble Wrap – Custom Sizing, Colours & Printing



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