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Poly Strapping Machine – Semi Auto

The Omni 110 Poly Strapping Machines are a fast and affordable Semi-Automatic machine. Our Poly or Plastic Strapping Machines straps the band around the carton or product being strapped, tensions the strap tight and seals it by heat or friction weld. These strapping machines are used as an excellent alternative to manual strapping tools as it provide a much faster and more secure strapping solution.

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  • Double motors.
  • Hinged top plate.
  • Easy to move due to castors.
  • Reliable P.C. Board control.
  • Externally adjust tension force, cooling time.
  • Simple design, easy operation, easy maintenance and length of sending strap.


Width and height: 600mm x 645mm
Power source: 240V 50Hz 1 PH 0.25kW 2.5A
Packing speed: ≤3 second/path
Tension range: 5-50kg
Hot-adhering position: bottom
Working table height: 730mm
Min. packaging size: 60mm x 60mm
Applicable PP strap: width: 6mm-15mm, thickness:0.5mm-0.85mm
Applicable PP strap spool: inner dia.:200mm~210mm~outer dia.:400mm~500mm,width:160mm~190mm
Electrical configuration: P.C. board control
electrical: switching power supply
motor: DC motor 24V
Machine size: 900mm (L) x 560mm (W) x 730mm (H)
Shipping size: 930mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 850mm (H)
Weight: N.W:85kgs G.W:95kgs

Poly Strapping Machine – Semi Auto

Code Model Grade Qty Unit Price Order Qty
54.040 Omni 110 Semi-Auto Closed Cabinet
54.041 Omni 110 Semi-Auto Open Cabinet

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