Omni Poly Strapping Machines – Semi Automatic

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Omni Poly Strapping Machines – Semi Automatic

The Omni 110 Poly Strapping Machines are a fast and affordable Semi-Automatic machine. Our Poly or Plastic Strapping Machines straps the band around the carton or product being strapped, tensions the strap tight and seals it by heat or friction weld. These strapping machines are used as an excellent alternative to manual strapping tools as it provide a much faster and more secure strapping solution.


Strap Width : 9-15mm
Strapping Speed : 1.5 secs per strap
Tensioner : 5 -50 kgs
Machine Dimensions : Length 895mm, Width 565mm, Height 740mm
Machine Weight : 100 kgs
Power Supply : 240 volts


Download Spec Sheet of Omni 110 Poly Strapping Machine_Semi-Automatic


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